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The Max and Mimi Frankel Association for Learning Improvement "Beit Ruth", was founded in 1985. The association's main objectives are to provide for children with learning disabilities (LD) training and remedial teaching as well as various therapies that will allow them to attend and succeed in the regular schools and find their place in society and among their peers.

Research shows that children and adults with learning disabilities (LD) may fail to fulfill their full potential because of disabilities in cognitive functioning such as attention, memory, use of language etc. The difficulties and frustration caused by the gap between their potential and their actual achievements place LD people at risk of dropping out of the educational system and developing behavioral disturbances as well as emotional and social problems.

We believe Children with LD deserve equality of opportunity and multi-disciplinary, holistic and intensive, treatment that will facilitate their integration into society as contributing citizens.

At "Beit Ruth" each child receives 4-5 hours of treatment weekly (most of it individual) and we have very frequent contact of the treatment personnel (the Principal, teachers and therapists) with the parents and schools.

We are in need for donations:
  1. To enable us to grant scholarships to LD children from low-income families.
  2. To buy teaching Aids, computers, remedial teaching software and other essential equipment
Under this heading, we consider it relevant to mention that all association members and the psychologist of Beit Ruth are donating their time with no payment. Our teachers and therapists are all donating 4 hours of work every week, in addition to their paid work.

For 30 years, we have been getting financial help through an American charity called “American Friends of the Beit Ruth Frankel Learning Center” led by Mrs. Karen Weil. This charity gathers donations for Beit Ruth in the United States. One hundred percent of every donation they receive is transferred directly to Beit Ruth School, and is also completely tax deductable.

Checks should be made out to: "American Friends of Frankel Center" and can be sent directly to:

American Friends of the Beit Ruth Frankel Learning Center

c/o Karen Weil, 1209 Bonita Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA

If you have any questions or need any information about the charity you are most welcome to call Mrs. Weil - cell number 1-510-205-2118.

We invite you to visit us at Beit Ruth at your convenience.

Yours sincerely, Adi Arbel
Director of Beit Ruth